85% of Jobs Are Filled by Word of Mouth

Skill Squirrel offers a better way for people and organizations to connect for mutual benefit.

Who Can Benefit?


Managing memberships can be time consuming. Skill Squirrel adds value to memberships while improving renewal rates.

Job Seekers

Networking within a new industry is not without its challenges. Skill Squirrel helps to break down barriers to build relevant contacts.


It can be hard to build a brand to attract new customers. Skill Squirrel helps trainers be found in new markets.


Market validation and finding new customers is job number one. Skill Squirrel makes it easy to test ideas and build contact lists.


Diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives can often seem out of reach. Skill Squirrel makes it easy to improve upon hiring practices.


Time is money. Skill Squirrel helps people target new markets while managing service offerings to save time and earn more.