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Does Your Organization Offer Training?

Skills recognition is essential for career growth. Our platform can help you enhance your programs, increase brand awareness, and elevate the value of your participants.

Does Your Personal or Professional Profile Need an Upgrade?

Jobs change and so do your priorities. We can help you plan your next move.

New to Digital Credentials?

Digital credentials are the software equivalent of physical credentials, such as drivers licenses and certificates of education. The difference with digital credentials is that they can’t be faked and can be used online to verify achievements and certify status.

Just as higher education providers are issuing their own branded digital credentials, so can other organizations. Skill Squirrel makes it easy for associations, trainers, and employers to use digital recognition of achievements to build awareness for their brands in the form of certificates earned for Work Experience, Participation, Recognition, and Membership.

Purposeful Matchmaking

Skill Squirrel brings trainers and job seekers together for skills-based networking.

With our platform featuring purposeful matchmaking you can: 

  • Promote and locate Training Opportunities
  • Promote and Find Events
  • Find and Sell Services
  • Request and Find Advisors