Marketplace for Skill Development & Career Advancement

Today's skills-based economy requires skills-based recruiting.

Skill Squirrel's technology enhances HR practices for attracting and retaining talent, promotes courses and certifications for upskilling and reskilling workers, and helps with navigating career pathways for aligning careers to passion and capabilities.


Enhance the reach of your job postings by promoting them to otherwise hard to reach communities.


See your courses and certifications become easily discoverable by employers and the workforce.


Provide each student with a relevant work placement by allowing matches to align with their career interests.

Why should you go digital for skills-based recognition?



Save trees and staff time. Digital credentials can be issued in minutes, shared around the world in moments, and are instantly verifiable.


Unlike paper, digital credentials don’t get lost or damaged, and they can be reissued and verified with a click of a button.

Save Time

Dashboard Convenience

Conveniently create and issue your branded digital credentials from our secure, cloud-based dashboard.

Help Desk Support

New to digital credentials? We are standing by to answer your questions.

Increase Awareness

Grow Your Network

Promoting your jobs and events on Skill Squirrel allows you to reach beyond your contact list and social media followers.

Offer More Value

Digital credentials are shareable on social media to enhance professional brands and makes finding qualified candidates easier.

Reduce Fraud

Protect Your Brand

Only those that actually earned your credentials may own them. 

Ensure Trust

Employers can trust what to expect from candidates that earned your branded credentials, and with one-click verification they know a credential is real and not fake.