Vision for Sustainable Communities

Skill Squirrel envisions a community of credential seekers and credential issuers that work collaboratively to strengthen society by making the workforce resilient and flexible in face of economic challenges. Our skills marketplace enables skills-based hiring practices, allowing for a more equitable relationship between individuals and businesses that cuts across racial, gender, and other discriminatory biases.

Unlike other social networks, the data generated through Skill Squirrel comes under the ownership and governance of a co-operative, which has its membership open to all users. through the Skill Squirrel co-operative, members make collective decisions on how best to monetize user data for the benefit of their communities.


Kathleen Webb

Kathleen Webb has a track record of leading teams to tackle the challenges and opportunities that technology presents society, from the need for businesses to innovate for growth to the impact innovation has on people and their work. Skill Squirrel grew out of Kathleen's research into the challenges people face when on the fringes of the labour market. Her desire is to help people achieve sustainable employment and live their best lives, which is why Skill Squirrel is designed to help people be adaptable and resilient to changes in their career paths. In this way, Skill Squirrel is intended to provide a meaningful and useful experience for customers as they move through periods of learning, training, and working by connecting them to relevant work and learning opportunities.

Team Members

Sam Landry

UX/UI Designer
Skill Squirrel has given me the opportunity to design for an entirely new concept and build a product from the ground up. Being a lead designer for the Accounts, Profiles and Registration has allowed me to grow as a designer and utilize my skills towards a product that I know can help a diverse audience.

Wing Yan Stephie Yik

UX/UI Designer
As a designer, I love to challenge myself, and being part of the Skill Squirrel team provides me an opportunity to challenge myself from building a new product for the new trend. Being a lead designer for the Member Group page, Create/Verify Group, and Manage group member list from the admin side provides me a chance to apply my skills and improve myself.

Alex Atiti

Skill Squirrel has helped me to develop my craft by designing a new product with a design team that has so much potential to be successful. Being a lead designer for the badges and certificates has allowed me to evolve both as a designer and a passionate individual.

Steven Kerr

Working at Skill Squirrel has been a rewarding and educational experience. I have created the "Badge Maker" tool that allows users to build and customize their own badge image for their credentials. This experience has provided me with hands on experience using cloud services, server deployment, and version control methodologies as well as built onto my front end development skills using HTML and JavaScript.

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