Skill Squirrel's mission is to help people realize their preferred futures by bringing smart recognition to their unique capabilities and achievements.

Social Purpose

Our vision is aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goal 8, which aims to: "to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all."

Our Founder

Kathleen Webb

Kathleen Webb has a track record of leading teams to tackle the challenges and opportunities that technology presents society, from the need for businesses to innovate for growth to the impact innovation has on people and their work.

Skill Squirrel grew out of Kathleen's research into how marginalized people could move from the fringes of the labour market towards the core for sustainable employment. Her desire is to help people live their best lives, by helping them to be adaptable and resilient to changes in their career paths.

Skill Squirrel is a skills marketplace. Our priority is for our customers to succeed as they move through periods of learning, training, and working by connecting them to relevant work and learning opportunities.

The lynchpin of Skill Squirrel is verifiable digital credentials, which use blockchain technology, to allow trainers and employers to issue their branded credentials to people who can use them to enhance their professional profiles within the marketplace and on popular social media networks.

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