Community Objectives

Based on Shared Value Creation

Equal Opportunity

In a skills-based economy where skills are the new currency, Skill Squirrel allows individuals to have a more equitable relationship with their employers (or would be employers). Through Skill Squirrel, individuals can achieve their career goals by leveraging their existing skills and by learning new, relevant skills.

Skills-based Recognition

In a competitive landscape, businesses are always looking to attract the best talent with the right set of skills. Skill Squirrel provides businesses with a marketplace and promotional service to help them build their employer brand as a conscientious employer that cares deeply about their employee's skill development.

Market Insights

In a fast-changing employment landscape, where it is hard to keep track of the skills in-demand, Skill Squirrel enables people to build the right set of skills for sustainable employment. With access to unique marketplace insights, Skill Squirrel can contribute to helping government and workforce development agencies plan programs and services.

Community Reinvestment

Community Reinvestment

Surplus revenue from data monetization, governed by Skill Squirrel Co-operative members, is reinvested back into Skill Squirrel groups in ways that will make skill development more accessible for disadvantaged, vulnerable, and/or marginalized individuals.

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