Issue Certificates as Digital Credentials

Issue Certificates as Digital Credentials

Reward and recognize people for their skills, efforts, and contributions to your community--while building your own brand.

It's Easy, You Just Follow These Steps:

1. Select the Type of Certificate

Work Experience

For completion of on-the-job training and Work Integrated Learning


For participation in programs and events


For expertise shared and skills demonstrated


To certify active membership


2. Make Your Badge


Apply your brand guidelines to create a badge unique to your organization using our flexible Badge Maker.

3. Issue Your Credentials

Group accounts allow organizations to connect their members together as either a public or private networks and issue branded membership certificates with expiry dates.

Just as higher education providers can issue their own branded credentials, businesses can too for recognizing the capabilities of their employees.

Skill Squirrel issued digital certificates can be shared on social media networks to enhance personal brands.

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