Issue Certificates as Digital Credentials
Issue Certificates as Digital Credentials

Issue Certificates as Digital Credentials

Attract and retain talent while giving recognition to trainees and employees

Free For Recipients

Anything that you issue a physical certificate for today can be made digital

Work Experience

For completion of on-the-job or in-classroom training


For participation in workshops and conferences


For expertise shared


To certify active membership

Build Brands

Group accounts allow organizations to connect their members together as a private network and issue membership certificates with expiry dates and attract work and training opportunities.

Just as higher education providers can issue their own branded credentials, businesses can too for creating awareness about their equity, diversity, and inclusion programs.

Skill Squirrel issued digital certificates can be shared on social media networks to enhance personal brands.

Recognize Competencies

Skill Squirrel allows for digital recognition of capabilities and achievements to ensure everyone can be visible online to enable skill-based hiring.

Lifelong Learning

Skill Squirrel makes it easy for employers to find trainers and workers to find programs that meet their unique learning and training needs.

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