Watch our Explainer Video! Watch our Explainer Video!
Watch our Explainer Video!

Watch our Explainer Video!

Verifiable digital credentials can transform how organizations give recognition. Just sit back and watch our short explainer video.

Recognizing Competencies

Resume vetting services inadvertently exclude people with the right skills for a job, which can make it harder for people to find work. Skill Squirrel allows for digital recognition of capabilities and achievements to ensure everyone can be visible online to enable skill-based hiring.

Lifelong Learning

The changing world of work is driving a culture of continuous learning, which means that for most people training never stops. Skill Squirrel makes it easy for employers and workers to find suitable programs and trainers to meet their unique learning and training needs.

Easy to Issue
Easy to Issue

Easy to Issue

In seconds, not days, give your

students, employees, members, or clients

the recognition they have earned.

Enhance Your Current Offerings



Using a different credential issuing system? No problem, just include links to where prospective recipients can learn more about them to boost your reach.



Anything that you issue a physical credential for today can be made digital: membership, accomplishments, participation, completion, decide.

Build Brand Recognition

Easy sharing and common interaction design.

Skill Squirrel issued credentials are based on open standards and can be shared on social media networks to enhance personal brands.

Just as higher education providers can issue their own branded credentials, businesses can too for creating awareness about their in-house training and recognition programs.

Group accounts allow users to connect individuals and corporations together to create private networks.


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